Our customer experience journey 

At Wolters Kluwer, CCH, we're committed to customer experience.

Every day, we're looking at ways we can improve the customer service and products we provide. Thanks to the introduction of Converse, our NPS program, the insights that drive these improvements come directly from you - the customer. 

Follow our journey below. 

Your comments are in good handsMeet Mary Panetta, a real person and one of the members of our team who reads your NPS feedback.

With over 20 years' experience with Wolters Kluwer, CCH, you can be sure your comments are in good hands.

How you've helped us help you

We listen to our customers - and we act on the feedback we receive. We believe there is no other way to do business well. 

We have learnt a lot from our customers and we are very proud to share some of the enhancements you’ve helped initiate. 

Online store

We’ve introduced a brand new online book store with vast improvements to the shopping experience. It's now even easier to find and purchase the titles you're looking for.

CCH iKnow

We’ve launched a brand new, award-winning product called CCH iKnow which has transformed how customers experience our content. 

IntelliConnect platform improvements

Subscribers using the IntelliConnect platform can now customise how and when they see our Tracker news service, including full text view in email. 

We've also introduced auto-suggest to link you more quickly to the information you are looking for.

Better searches - The thesaurus and other search tools have been updated so that IntelliConnect gives you better and faster answers to your most commonly searched terms. 

Faster downloads - Content now loads up to eight times faster thanks to investments in new hardware.

What is NPS?

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) program allows us to measure how happy our customers are with our processes, services and products.

When you interact with us, we send you a survey asking about your experience. This lets us gather honest feedback, which is important to us because our improvements come directly from customer insights. 

We have been championing NPS in our business since 2011 and we are as committed today as we were then in turning insights into actions that benefit our customers.

Watch a video that explains NPS in more detail.