Compensation and Civil Liability

Compensation and Civil Liability is an area of law which requires lawyers to work fast and hard. 

It involves lots of reading, analysis, written advice and researching case precedents – with law firms often needing to juggle multiple matters at a time. To make things more complex, the civil liability law governing personal injury is different for every state! 

This makes it extremely important to provide fast and accurate initial advice to clients as to the legal avenues available for compensation, the prospects of success, and what a claim may potentially be worth in terms of compensation.  

Watch the below video to discover our Compensation & Civil Liability solutions:

Comparative Verdicts Finder – Helping you accurately predict legal outcomes

The Comparative Verdicts Finder is a practical tool to quickly and confidently calculate and advise on potential awards of damage and what potential compensation clients may be entitled to. Dynamic search filters provide an easy to navigate table of search results, complete with active austlii links to the judgments. Watch the below video for a demonstration.