CCH Mobile Asia Pacific

Take your research with you. Free download for all active subscribers.

Winner of the 2014 SIIA Software CODiE Award in the Best Enterprise Mobile Application category.

Powered by CCH IntelliConnect ®

Search all your subscriptions – wherever you are 

Whether you’re in a meeting at a client’s office, in the courtroom, on the train or at home, quickly search your subscriptions on your mobile device.

Search across your entire subscription library or, for a more targeted search, within a particular publication - simply type search terms in the relevant content tile. 

When you need to browse your library, simply use the 'Browse Contents' link on each tile. Use this to view a list of all the contents in a particular publication. 

By default, search results are displayed in a categorised view. Switch easily between categorised, most recent and most relevant views. Documents display just as they do on IntelliConnect.

Take your favourites with you and personalise your home screen

Select your favourite content in IntelliConnect and see the same content on the home screen of the CCH Mobile app. 

Personalise the content. Adjust the settings to add or remove favourites from the home screen and create multiple home screens for different groups of content.

Sync your research folders. Email and save documents to PDF.

Save documents to your research folders and they are automatically synced with those created on IntelliConnect. This means you can access everything you’ve saved, whether you’re using your desktop or mobile device. 

Email or save PDF documents to access them offline.

Get your Tracker news alerts straight to your device 

Access your daily trackers on your mobile device. Swipe through daily or weekly news. The Trackers that you have set up on your desktop will appear seamlessly in the CCH Mobile app, with new articles appearing as they are added throughout the day. 

Powered by CCH IntelliConnect ®