CCH Political Alert

The power that comes with knowing something first. 

Political Alerts provide immediate, customised and unbiased political monitoring so that organisations are empowered to rapidly respond to political developments. The Alerts are delivered via email within minutes of the event and provide a summary of the political event as well as the content source. Choose from 36 topics and over 350 sub-topics to create customised alerts for your organisation.

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“We have come to view CCH alerts as essential to our day to day business.”
Elaena Gardner

“I really enjoy getting the CCH parliament updates, they are very useful to know what is happening at a national level”
Department of Education and Training (Victoria)

“Service has been extremely useful and of great value to the organisation in keeping up to date with the sector”
Kelly Frazer

“Great service - they turn around the alerts so quickly and customer service when I have had problems has been great. Good job.”
Sarah Goodwin

“CCH Political Alerts are an invaluable service - keep up the good work!”
Josh Meadows
Australian Conservation Foundation